Giving Community Cats a Better Life

Community Cats & Kittens

Since 2005, Tree House has been at the forefront of identifying and implementing effective strategies for solving the issue of outdoor cat overpopulation.  Each year, we support more than 800 volunteer colony caretakers across Chicago who help assure that their community cats are sterilized, vaccinated, and provided with food, water, and shelter to sustain their health.  Caretakers and community volunteers trap cats, bring them to Tree House for spay or neuter surgery and wellness care, and return them to their home communities.  For cats who cannot reintegrate into community colonies, Tree House created the Cats At Work program.  Cats are placed, generally two or three at a time, in residential or commercial settings to provide environmentally friendly rodent control.  Property or business owners provide food, water, shelter, and wellness care to the cats working for them.

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